The Table at The End - Mark Wigner

The Table at The End

Mark Wigner

  • $750.00

Dive into Mark Wigner's passion drawing the line between functional work and artistic visions. 
W14.5in x H30.5in x D14.5in

Appreciate Mark Wigner's metallic touch for this end table

This is the ideal artwork to shimmer by some firelight. These rugged metal work pieces will withstand the test of time and wont be easily damaged, indoor or outdoor. Handcrafted traditional western metal work pieces. Step up your rustic decor, each piece is meticulously crafted and built to last, embellished using rust, and is practically painted with a dremel alongside other sanding techniques on top of sheet metal cut with a plasma cutter. Encased in industrial frames these works by Mark Wigner were featured in the interactive gallery on June 20th held at Expressions Art Gallery.