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"According to the Expressions Art Gallery website, when talking about Jahiel’s work, it says that cowboys represent authentic America, and their lifestyle is disappearing at a rapid rate. The cowboy tradition is an example of man against nature and often man against himself." Sheridan Media

Adam Jahiel, Story photographer, was the featured artist from the Expressions Art Gallery and Framing at their booth at the Thursday, July 13, Farmer’s Market at its new location on Whitney Commons.

Jahiel specializes in photographing western cowboys and ranch life.

Jahiel said he had been doing photography since he was a kid, and he has been doing it seriously for about 45 years. He attended photography school and journalism school, after working in the journalism field for a time he went out on his own.

Read the rest of the article and listen to voice recordings at:

Enjoy the rich culture of western ranch life, preserved by stunning photography by renowned Adam Jahiel. 

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