Moulding is the material frames are built from, and we have over 700 frame styles available.

Framing Moulding
Some of Our Moulding Samples

Frames serve multiple purposes. Their main purpose is to help house the piece and to protect the art inside. However, when chosen wisely, they can easily enhance whatever is being showcased.

Moulding must be a good width to be able to hold the weight of everything inside. The depth is also critical in being able to hold all of the art without touching the glass.

Framing Moulding

 Choosing the Right Frame

We are always happy to take the time with you to find the best frames for your art. You can preview any combination of mat and frame at our design table.

When choosing a frame, we consider many factors, including:

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Style
  • Depth

Frame Categories

Here are just some of the types of frame we carry:


  • Rustic or barnwood for western art or country landscapes

Rustic Frame - Freeze Out Point

Rustic Frame - Neighbors

  • Gold for landscapes, fall photos

Gold Frame - Somewhere in the Bighorns

  • Black frames for a strong accent
  • Traditional for the classic simple look

Traditional Frame

  • Ornate for decorative, antique, or that extra flair
  • Contemporary frames look both modern and simple

Modern Frame - Cows at Work

  • Metal has a sleek design for that minimalist in you

We would be very excited to help you pick the best frame for your piece!