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Welcome! We are so excited to have you here. Please, take your time and look through our website.

Introduction and Mission:

Small businesses and galleries are really important to keep around. We support many other businesses just by being here. We give artists a opportunity to share their talents while supporting them.  I'm proud to say, we were able to pay $51,000 to artists last year to help support them in their endeavors.  Without galleries, we would all be subject to ordering our art online and loosing some of the soul of getting to go around and enjoy local art personally.

It is an art form, what you surround yourself with.

Your surroundings are a statement of who you are, what you enjoy and cherish. Do you surround yourself with meaning and beauty or mystery and mayhem?

Why Did Van Gogh become a painter? Because he didn’t have an ear for music!

Art is History:

It is a snapshot of ones current views, beliefs, philosophy’s, struggles, and culture.

The objects, images, and buildings created will tell people a hundred years from now about us. Art records the rise and fall of empires and changes to the world around us.  Just think, how much has Sheridan, Wyoming changed in just the past few years?   

This morning I was listening to an audio book and it had a great point. If you are an artist or know any, you’ll know they are often surprised at their own creations. The viewpoint I heard this morning is that Creation/ Creativity is the life force that flows through us. It is all around us. Maybe what fascinates us about art is that it is tapping into that creative life flow and capturing it for all to see.

It’s said that Art is one of the foundations of civilization.

Art provokes us to think, our lives are short, but art gives us a glimpse into something eternal.

A customer once said to me that we never truly own art, it is only on loan to us while we are here. It’s up to us to be good stewards of it while we have it.

I love this thought.

Custom Picture Framing:

Will you preserve your bits of history and share your stories with the future? One of the things I tell all of our customers when I remember to is to write down the stories or inspirations that go with everything you frame and stick it to the back of the frame so they can never get separated.  Generations from now, that little tidbit of information could become very important to someone or to the course of history.

That is where framing comes in. Our value in framing is in our skilled knowledge. We strategize on every frame for what is best for the art and for the customer. We strive to compliment and not distract from the art while taking care of it in a way that ensures it will last the tests of time.

Every single frame and project has its own challenges. From the type of wood to the shape of the profile to the depth of the frame to the size of the art and the type of paper or fabric the art is made out of. Shadow box items are each unique in their needs. There are countless ways to mount art to ensure it is preserved and no one size fits all.

Did you hear about the attempted robbery at the museum? They ran out of gas a few blocks away. When the police picked them up. They said, “ We didn’t have the Monet to buy DeGas to make the Van Go.

Gallery Walk Through:

I want to invite you to look at the art in here a few different ways. I am going to give you some highlights of a few pieces.

When you visit a gallery you should go through it twice. The first time to learn and observe.

  • Look for color, lines, shapes, value, perspective, composition, what is considered beautiful or horrible, etc.
  •  Then go around the gallery and look for a few that reflect how you feel right now.  This time look at the paintings for what it brings you emotionally. – Hope, sorrow, anger, re-balancing, self understanding, growth, or appreciation.
  • Why? - Is it the colors, the paint strokes, the sculpture subject, the peace and beauty or the conflict?Note the inspirations you feel.

The second time, you go through just for the pure enjoyment of it. What do you just feel in awe of or enjoy while you are viewing it? 

Lastly, if there were a fire, which piece of art would you choose to save if you could only choose one? Ponder why you chose that one?  

Share with each other which one you chose and you will find there is always more to learn about one another.

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