Kate Richardson

Kate Richardson was born and raised in Wyoming, and grew up immersed in the western life-style of cattle ranching. Her inherited love for wide open spaces, the animals she helped care for, and her time spent on horseback kept pulling at her through her formal education. Reflecting on stories told by her parents about the work they had done in the mountains on summer pack trips, in hunting camps, and in summer cow camps, Kate decided to try a seasonal summer pack trip
job. That summer, Kate got hooked on life in the wilderness in a big way and has worked as a camp cook for outfitters in the Wind River, Big Horn and Absarokee Mountain Ranges for several years. She is always mindful of the immense privilege it is to witness nature in such a way that few people do, and has stated that she feels closer to God when she is high in the mountains. With an easily accessible, small camera tucked in her saddlebags at all times, many of Kate's photos are taken quickly while on the move with her reins in her teeth and the lead rope to her pack string thrown over the saddle horn and tucked under her leg. This makes her photography as authentic as it gets! With encouragement from her mother to share her photos of her experiences, the landscapes she's traveled through, and the pack strings she traveled withKate is now telling her own stories of time spent in the wilds of Wyoming.