Gene Sager

Through the use of color, shape and movement Gene hopes to actively engage his viewers.  "Imagination is understanding the essence of my art. If "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", then it should follow that "art is in the imagination of the beholder." The feeling and emotions generated by a work of art can only come from within the memory of the viewer.  I find abstract art is a wonderful medium for self-exploration.  

Gene began his artistic career as an acoustic vocalist using energy, vibration and the colors of sound to communicate with his audience.  Everything that makes up our universe is composed of energy in motion. Vocal music is ephemeral by nature, because sound is created by breath, amplified by energy, experienced by the audience and then in dissipates into the ethers. 

As sound vibrates so does color.  Different colors vibrate at different rates.  If you were to strike the musical note A-440 on the piano and double the number of vibrations per second to 880 you would have the same note A, but an octave higher.  If you were to continue doubling the  vibration per second of a given pitch, eventually you would create a color.  Synesthesia is the technical term given to a phenomenon when some gifted people possess the ability to see colors when hearing music.  

Gene believes the energy in movement manifests every emotion or object in the process of it's creation.  In his vision of abstract art, we are all witnessing energy in movement just before the moment of creation.  If the viewer allows their mind to open to the energy o the artist, they can sympathetically vibrate with the artists true intention in a given work.  

Gene was born and raised in a small rural community in Michigan.  He began his art education at the University of Michigan and continued to study painting and drawing in New York and Los Angeles.  For the last 50 years he has enjoyed painting and exploring the realm of Abstract Art. Now open your mind and enjoy.