Wyoming Art Gallery COVID-19 Take away "Art documents History"

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Hmm....   This is an interesting time to live in.  Life around us in Wyoming feels relatively normal, but we know it's not the same as it was and will never be the same worldwide.   Our prayers have changed to include a lot more thankfulness for our health and the health of our loved ones and are geared more protectively to shelter ourselves and our loved ones from the COVID 19 impacts.  I've taken this opportunity to absorb all of the online entrepreneur and self-help education possible while catching up on the more time-sensitive projects we had in our queue.  We have also been exploring our creative side and creating new framing designs and adapting new skills to our designs.

What has been swimming in my mind over and over throughout all of this is what is the art world doing to move forward.   My love for art, doing art and appreciating art has evolved with my experiences in life.  Currently, a huge part of what I love about art is that "ART DOCUMENTS HISTORY".   Right now!   While we endure this experience together and yet apart world wide is when some of the best art of the century will most likely emerge.   We are all experiencing political turmoil, loss, fear, and uncertainty, hope, perseverance, selflessness, and sacrifice, and we are experiencing them in waives.  These experiences are the fuel for art inspiration.   

I am writing this blog to open the eyes of those in and looking at the art world to use this fuel to create.   What do we think of when someone mentions the depression?   For me, black & white images of a paperboy or men lined up hoping for the chance to work today.   When I think of the Egyptians I see images of their art and hieroglyphs.  The Roman Empire and 9-11 all bring images to my mind.   The art, photographs, poetry, and books all draw our future generations a picture of what is happening in the world today.   Artists need inspiration and time and the world is giving them both at this very moment.   We represent many artists in our gallery here in Wyoming and I've heard from several of them about how much they are getting done.  


This is my two cents.   For me, there is always something to learn or a project that can be done so there is no boredom.   Creativity isn't a finite commodity.  Like spirituality, the more you seek it, the more you find.   I'm hashing out the details to host a Juried Art Show with the context of "History in the Making".   

In all things, there is opposition, within all of the heartbreak and worry around us is the immense opportunity for beauty and kindness.  I can't wait to share it in the form of art with you all.   

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