Celebrate Western Traditions and Tall Tales during Rodeo Week in Sheridan WY

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When I was a child I spent summers with my Great Uncles and family in Sheridan, Montana. It is a small ranching town with a big heart, much like Sheridan Wyoming. I was always so excited to go to rodeos, both in Montana and even here in Sheridan a time or two. Although my family were involved in rodeos that was just for fun. Their day job was ranching. For me, the emotions it invokes are of my memories of their true commitment to the ranch life. Their whole lifestyle was dedicated to protecting and taking care of their animals.
My Great Uncles were committed to every cow they herded, every calf born and to the horses who carried them in that task. I can remember their concern and yes tears when they lost a calf or a cow. Their toil in ensuring they got them to the high country in the summer and back to the valley in the fall. The cowboy ethos of getting their steads and herd up and back was amazing to watch. It taught me so much about life!
We’re so blessed in this amazing town to have a great annual event like this to have a little fun and let cowboys and cowgirls show up and have a good time at the rodeo.
We do our best to preserve this life and support it. While you are here you are invited to stop by Expression’s Art Gallery and Framing on 645 Broadway to see the amazing selection of Western Art. From the amazing photography of Adam Jahiel capturing the true essence of the Western Cowboy, or the amazing painting by Sonja Caywood who makes cows come to life with her vibrant colors. There’s also a large variety of Native American art that’s always a must see and so much more!

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