Steve Bourne

From Photographer Steve:

I am a digital photographer from the Northern Rocky Mountains. I was raised near the Big Horn Mountains and have hiked and camped in this area my whole life. There is a rich Beauty in this area that I want to capture images of to sha re with others.

Chasing Light

I have been interested in art and photography, in particular my whole life. My first Kodak film camera was a birthday gift at 11 years old. Since then I’ve always had a camera to play with. My semi- professional interest really did not come into focus until about 11 years ago when I published a small brochure featuring my father’s metal sculpture work. It was work he donated for a Anglican Catholic Church in Casper WYO. His work is truly unique and I took all of the photography for the brochure. I enjoyed the process a lot and decided to get more involved in photography as an artist.

Being self taught, I don’t have any formal photography training . I enjoy the western landscape in all of its seasons and have chosen that style of photography as my medium. I look for the unique and uncommon images of Wyoming. The ones that capture the beauty of the area most people will never see.

I have a personal fascination with the Big Horn Mountains. I understand all of the seasons on the mountains and how light affects a scene. I have taken many photos in this area based entirely on understanding the time of day/angle of the sun and how that interacts with the clouds on the mountain. I have found that a great scene, when taken without planning, can appear really average and uninteresting to a viewer. But, by understanding the variables of Light, Shadow, Season and Subject Matter. I am able to capture unique and attractive images that affect the viewer’s senses. I have a good eye and I believe that is evident in my images.

I consider Chasing Light the most important aspect to be able to capture an attractive image. I have ended up empty handed many times after covering a long distance in anticipation of the light or the timing of a sunset, only to arrive a few minutes late to the scene. Many other times I have captured a unique and attractive image not because of luck. But because of my Prior Preparation and understanding all of the weather variables in a particular area.