Milkyway over Sibley Lake - Steve Bourne

Milkyway over Sibley Lake

Steve Bourne

  • $330.00

WOW! This stunning photo was taken at Midnight at Lake Sibley Wyoming.  Again showing this photographer's dedication.  For the fun of it, we wanted him to name it visitors from beyond, but he said the amazing light is just coming from a car driving by.   Steve Bourne is well known in our area for capturing our favorite places and moments on camera in a way very few can.  As a self-taught photographer, he attributes his success to  "Chasing the light and knowing the area".  He says it's because of his knowledge of the seasons, the landscapes, and the lighting, that he is able to be in the right places at the right times with the right equipment.  

This is the framed image, Contact the gallery for information about unframed prints from the artist. 

Disclosure: These images are not his official digital images, just examples of what we are displaying in the gallery currently. In person, without the reflections, these pieces are incredible.