Carol Lucas

Over the years Carol Lucas spent summers weaving through timer and open sagebrush meadows, riding on various cow permits in the Bighorn Mountains, gathering cows and looking for remnants.  She worked on cowboy crews, moving cattle and starting colts.  Carol spent cold, dark nights riding night drops,; night calving.  These are the experiences that inform her imagery. 


It not only her passion for traditional western lifestyle, but also her love and respect for nature, temepred by her individual spirit and social concerns.  "Animals play an inheriant role in my life and work, and are often imbued with atrtributes displaying "The human Condition."  I move between drawing, painting adn pohotgraphy. "

"Essentially my work is a conversation with life, and my resonse to it". 

Carol earned her Bachelors in fine Arts degree from the University of Minnesota; studied in Ital, and in New York City.  He work has been featured in numerous exhibits in New York City as well as shows throughout the United States.